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Reduce symptoms of atrial fibrillation without additional medications or risky procedures, as FAST as possible.




When was the last time you felt IN CONTROL of your AFib?

Managing an ongoing medical condition like AFib can take its toll on even the strongest of individuals.


While we all want to feel a sense of control over our health, educating and empowering yourself is crucial in the battle to overcome atrial fibrillation.


It’s time to reclaim your time, your health, and your life before AFib.

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Let me know if this sounds familiar...


  • You continue to get a sudden onset of debilitating heart-racing episodes despite a handful of medications for atrial fibrillation.

  • Your doctor has told you that AFib will continue to get worse and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

  •  You still suffer from atrial fibrillation despite past procedures such as a catheter ablation.

  • You are tired of the shortness of breath, weight gain, and fatigue due to multiple AFib medications.

  • The mental exhaustion from unexpected AFib episodes limits your daily quality of life.

  •  You spend countless dollars every month on expensive AFib medications, and yet still struggle with symptoms.

  • You have outrageously high hospital or emergency room bills due to unexpected AFib episodes.

  • Your doctor never takes the time to discuss natural treatment options or lifestyle modifications that can improve AFib.

  • You spend a lot of time online researching better treatment options for your AFib and are not sure which options are best for you.




The Real Problem with Current AFib Treatments...


🛑 Traditional Medicine is not addressing the INFLAMMATION that causes AFib to get worse.


🛑 Traditional Medicine is not taking the time to educate patients about natural treatment options and lifestyle modifications that can reverse this inflammation.

Imagine If You Could... 


✔️ Finally find relief to your AFib symptoms that can last for years to come. 


✔️ Improve Atrial Fibrillation naturally without additional prescription medications, or procedures. 


✔️ Feel in total control by treating and improving your AFib from home using tools you ALREADY have.


You deserve to live a life where YOU are in control, not your AFib.

The Solution: 

Introducing The


An online program that will help you:


  • Never be surprised by an AFib episode again.

  •  Consolidate your overflowing medicine cabinet and unexpected trips to the ER. 

  •  Have a comprehensive natural treatment plan that works hand in hand with your doctor’s plan.

  •  See results that will reduce your need for risky procedures. 

  •  Get back the life you once had, before cumbersome side effects from medications.

  •  Once again have the mental capacity to focus on things you love, not just your health.



Here's What You Will Learn...


Complete, Easy to Follow, and Evidence-Based Nutrition Framework
  • How to identify pro-inflammatory foods and how to introduce heart-healthy anti-inflammatory foods into your diet. (no counting points, no fad diets!)
  • We will create a holistic nutrition plan using foods that you are already eating. 
  • I will break down the key results of AFib nutritional studies and teach you how to apply these results into your own life. 
  • I will give you a 28-day Reverse AFib meal plan: a step-by-step guide to improve your nutrition and reduce AFib at your own pace.
  • You will get a framework to design a nutrition plan you can stick with for long-term benefits! 


Proven Stress Management Techniques
  • Introduction to the benefits of relaxation, meditation, and yoga in improving AFib.
  • Understanding how mindfulness can help you feel a sense of control over your AFib and reduce unexpected episodes.


The Secret to Optimal Sleep Hygiene 
  • Methods for making better sleep habits that can dramatically improve your AFib.
  • Use data to show the evidence and effects of good sleep hygiene and mindfulness for improving your AFib.


Exercise Tips To Help Reverse AFib
  • Discover exercise strategies that are safe for anyone with atrial fibrillation

Check Out These Reviews of The Take Control Over AFib Program!


Rick P.

"The program is excellent. I needed to get control of my AFib especially in my mind. I have instituted every recommendation. My BMI in now under 24, I’ve revamped my diet and I’m doing yoga for the first time in my life. I felt helpless until I viewed this program, it changed my attitude and gave me confidence that I could do something about AFib besides just popping pills. Thanks Dr. Morales for taking the time to share your knowledge with us."

Gillian H.

"Thank you for this program, I found the nutrition and the yoga programs the most helpful. I did not wish to take drugs for this so was relieved to hear that Dr Morales was structuring this course so that we can learn natural methods for coping with AF. Thank you, Gillian."

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You Are So Ready For This Journey.


And I am here every step of the way.
These next 4 weeks will set you up for a lifetime of overall better health and an unbelievable improvement in your mind, body and soul. Living with AFib can be PART of your journey without it having to be your ENTIRE Journey. 
Yes, it is possible to REVERSE AFib.



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For less than the price of a typical doctor visit, you can have a complete AFib reversal program that can give you results for years to come.


Check Out These Reviews of The Take Control Over AFib Program!

Jim S.

"I found this course to be extremely helpful. Dr. AFib touches on subjects that have not be discussed with me by cardiologists or electrophysiologists. I appreciate his research and sharing of the subject matter."

Anna M.

"This course when applied made a huge improvement for me with way fewer episodes, much longer time spans between and shorter duration plus reduction in meds. I highly recommend it IF you will follow the recommendations."
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Hi, I'm Dr. Morales

I am a Board Certified Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist. I have managed and supported thousands of patients with atrial fibrillation through medical therapy, lifestyle modifications, and catheter ablation procedures.

I also created “Dr. AFib”, a global online educational platform dedicated to empowering patients living with atrial fibrillation to feel in control of their healthcare.

I realized there was so much education I could deliver on how to naturally manage and improve AFib, and I needed to share it with the world.

I am committed to helping my students feel in control and reduce the stress and uncertainty that a life with AFib can often bring.

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For less than the price of a typical doctor visit, you can have a complete AFib reversal program that can give you results for years to come.